Bad Weather ?


BAD WEATHER ANNOUNCEMENTS: We will announce any cancelled services or church prayer meetings two hours before the scheduled time.

The announcement will be –

   1. On the front page of the website

   2. Left as an announcement on the church answering machine (01334 472285)


     a: Sent by email to everyone who has email on the contact list

     b: Tweeted on our Twitter feed and announced on Facebook

     c: Telephoned to as many people on the contact list who don’t have email or web access and who we think would possibly attend who we can reach.

If you are unsure, please use one of the first two methods to find out if the service is on as it may take some time for word to get passed by phone.

Please do not attempt to come to any meeting in bad weather if you are unsure of your safety.

You can check the current weather and forecast from the BBC.