The following ministries help to support the smooth running of the church. If you would like to assist in any of these areas, please let us know...

//Music - operating

We are blessed to be served by a large number of gifted musicians who provide both traditional and contemporary music to enhance our worship. 

 //Bulletin - operating online

Each week a bulletin of announcements is produced and provided at both services.

//Newsletter - operating online with posted version to those unable to go online

A bi-monthly newsletter gives some in-depth news of happenings in the fellowship.

//Prayer Ministry - operating online

Several groups of people within the church, support people and ministries through prayer. You can reach them with prayer requests through our contact page

//Student Mini-bus Service - not operating during pandemic

Operates during term time (reduced services during holidays) to provide transport to morning service from various locations throughout the town. Click for details. 

//Service Recordings - operating at full speed during the pandemic

Services are streamed online and recorded. They are available on-line. Services loaded on the website are available in the Recordings page.

//Fabric Group - operating supporting and observiing social distancing

The fabric group overseas the maintenance of our facilites, arranging for repairs and upgrades to ensure our buildings are ready for ministry.

//Rotas - operational

Rotas are kept of volunteers who take turns in helping the services to run smoothly.

 //Website & Social Media - operational

This website is one of our main ways of communicating with the community and further afield. We are active on Facebook, and Zoom and have Instagram and Youtube Channels. We also have an active emailing list and you can subscribe to that here.