Student & Young Adults

Welcome Students ! There's lots of opportunities here to help you settle in to life in St Andrews. Please visit our Student Welcome Page for more information and fun videos. Also you can download our Student Welcome Pack or pick up a copy at the church.

//Student Hospitality

Students who attend SABC can get for themselves a 'home-from-home' by linking up with a church family. Our desire is to see every person in SABC connected to someone else who can provide friendship and hospitality. If students connect with a church family, they can look forward to sumptuous Sunday lunches and the odd coffee in Costa!


AWAKE! is a Bible study set up for students and young adults who are committed to SABC. Our aim is really simple... to make disciples of our people, teaching them to obey everything Christ has commanded us (Matt 28:20). SABC is a seriously mission-minded church and we have no hesitation in telling you that our desire is to welcome you in Christ, equip you with the Gospel and send you all over the world to proclaim Him (Col 1:28). We do that by plugging you in to AWAKE! a 4 year syllabus that will enable any AWAKE graduate to know how to approach, understand and apply God's word to their lives. Here's the plan... we meet every Thursday during term time in St Andrews St Andrews Church Hall on the corner of Quens Terrace and Queens Gardens at 6:30pm (See map in photo below. We feed you first and then serve up some spiritual meat to chew on and enjoy. The evening finishes around 9pm. Check out our Awake! group on Facebook.

//International Students

A scheme, organised by a member of our fellowship under the auspices of Friends International, is in place to encourage Christians to make friends with students from overseas. As many as 60 international students each year are linked with host families (not all from our fellowship) and they benefit from the opportunity to improve their language skills, and enjoy new friendships. Two Bible Study groups have been set up for those people who want the opportunity to learn more about Christ & the Gospel. //Toastie Bar (Watch Video Introduction) On Friday nights during term time the church hosts a toastie bar serving toasted sandwiches to late light revelers in the town centre.

//Post Graduate and Young Adult Home Group

Meets at 7pm on Thursday evenings for dinner, worship, bible study and prayer together. Please Contact Us for more information.