Musings from the Manse

Musings from the Manse (1.6.20)

Hope in a no hope world

Dear Friends,


Grace and peace be yours in abundance.


Hope. This powerful single word has been in our minds and on our lips perhaps more often in this time of the pandemic than ever before. It has been the topic of our daily devotion over the last two weeks. It is just what each person in this world is searching for. The trouble for some is that they often look in the wrong place.  Like Job, they ask: “Where then is my hope? Who can see any hope for me?” (Job 17:15). Like Job, they see that there is nothing left for them but only the grave with its darkness and gloom. 


Frankly, this kind of gloomy anticipation of the future can be easily seen when we look at what is happening all around us in our world today.  There are various things or events which could easily drive one to the hazardous edge of despair. We see that many people’s dreams have not been fulfilled; their ideals have not been realised; their best-laid and well-thought plans have been shattered or put on hold. This is because something unpredictable like the coronavirus pandemic or the recent unfortunate, sad and violent unrest sparked by the death of a young African-American in a few cities in the United State of America, can easily throw out or alter people’s best plans and dreams.


There are times in our lives when our plans are shattered; when our best dreams are crushed; when our back seems to be pinned to the wall; when we have that awful sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach; and when we feel like giving up and giving in. In turbulent and troubling periods like that, we urgently need hope. We need hope with a capital H.  We need hope that will give us the encouragement we need to keep going on; a hope that will enable us to fire on every cylinder for the course ahead of us; a hope that will keep us plodding on when the burdens of life are heavy and unbearable; a hope that will help us hang in there when life’s battles are unbelievably difficult.  In reality, what is needed is Christian hope.


This hope will continue to be the theme of our daily devotion this week with a particular focus on what our Christian hope consists of. It is my prayer that we may continue to be tremendously blessed each day as we look at it in the Bible.


With much love, thoughts and prayers.

Abi Ngunga