Eastern European Team

Eastern European Team


15 years ago, with the EU enlargement, a young Romanian Christian from Alexandria Baptist church in Romania moved to Scotland. She began working at a local farm and attending our church. Over the years, we have seen God open doors for deep friendships between Alexandria Baptist Church and St Andrews Baptist church, and we are now delighted to share a mutual partnership which you can read about below.

5 years ago, after a lot of prayer and asking God for wisdom, as a church we began visiting this local farm in a hope to meet, welcome, get to know and serve those working there. This has led to an exciting journey over the years, one that has led to new friendships and seeing God at work in many ways.

Our partnership with Alexandria Baptist Church

In 2013, the church leadership at the Baptist church updated ‘Our vision focus for the next five years’. In this, the hope was that we would be able to partner with an oversees church.

We count it a huge privelege and an answer to prayer that we now partner with Alexandria Baptist church, in Romania. This is a mutual partnership where we pray for one another and visit each other, getting to know each other better and serving alongside each other. Usually one year a team from Romania visits us here in Scotland, and the next year a team from here visits Romania.

During these weeks we have been on holiday together, celebrated Easter together, led Holiday clubs (Vacation Bible Schools) together and served alongside one another in our churches and our local communities.

Please join us in praying for Alexandria Baptist church- Pastor Octavian and all our brothers and sisters in Christ there.

Local farms

Every summer we visit a farm near Crail where many people come to work each season.

Our hope is to welcome people, offer friendship and hospitality. We usually meet on Tuesday evenings in the summer, at a caravan on the site. We offer English lessons, share food together and we often have a lot of music! Some people join us for prayer, Bible study and to worship together.

In the late summer/ autumn we enjoy spending time with friends at another farm near Cupar.

Over the years, through the farm ministry, we have organised trips to various places in Scotland, and International Nights where we can share food and culture from our different coutries. We have met friends from Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Latvia and other countries over the years!


Mihai and Adriana Dumitrescu

In 2015, when we first started visiting Barnsmuir farm, we met Mihai and Adriana who come from


in the South of Romania.

They are a Christian couple who shared a vision to serve children and families in their local village, which is in a very impoverished area of Romania. Over the years it has been very exciting to see how God has made this vision a reality, as they established the charity Hope for Tomorrow’s Generations. Through this, they serve their community by running Bible camps, youth groups and children’s groups. They give food packages to vulnerable members of the community, as well as shoe boxes every Christmas. They run different projects that aim to help families, for example the School Bag Project where children are sponsored through a year at school. Although schooling is free in Romania, there is a lot of stigma if children do not have the correct resources and this can lead to low attendance. This project therefore caters for these basic resources, as well as offering support in other ways for example through homework clubs.

Mihai and Adriana and their three children keep in touch regularly with newsletters.

The Eastern European Team

This ministry team at our church was established to serve the ministries mentioned above. We meet together throughout the year to pray together, and for meetings where we discuss and plan about current situations and the future.

For more information about the team and any of the minsitries above, or if you would like to be involved in any way, please contact  us