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Church booking request

Beginning time you will need access to the building space (including setup before your event)
End time you will need access to the building space (including clean up after your event)
Example: I want to reserve the Fellowship Room for an event that runs from 6:30pm-8:00pm, but I will need to be in the space from 5:30pm-9:00pm to set up before and clean up afterwards.
Church Bullding Use Guidelines: The church bulldings are intended as places for Christlan Worship, Prayer and Fellowship. As such these activitles, and activitles that support these will always take priority. SABC will have first priority, Familles First second, others third. The Christian ethos of the buildings must always be respected by those using the buildings and in the content of the events held. The church buildings are not “rented out.” Approved, non-baptist church related events should consider making a donation toward the cost of electricity for heating and lighting. The church buildings may be offered without such expectation to Christlan ministries or for charitable events which we wish to support (e.g. Impact Mission, CU, Red Cross etc.) For approval, non baptist church related events will be expected to be of benefit, educational or cultural value to those in the church family or the wider community. Those organising an event should have a close tie to the church who will vouch for the use made and be responsible for safety and behaviour of participants. The church must always be left in a clean and tidy condition; heating and lighting switched off, and exterior doors locked on departure. Fallure to do so may result in permission for future events being withdrawn. The Deacons will revlew, at least annually, use of the building which occurs regularly to ensure it still meets the above criteria. Approved by the Church Meeting 20/3/2011.