Andrew Rollinson

Pastor Andrew Rollinson and his wife Janet are originally from Yorkshire, Andrew from York, Janet from Hull, coming to Scotland in 1985. They have two grown up children.

Andrew spent a gap year in Uganda and, after studying zoology at Oxford, worked in rural evangelism and then trained for Baptist Ministry at Spurgeon’s College London.

After working in a large Southern Baptist Church in Dallas as ‘British Intern’ Andrew was called to Westgate Road Baptist Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne where he served as Pastor for 13 years. Andrew was then called as Pastor of Morningside Baptist Church, Edinburgh (1995 -2003) and then served as the Ministry Advisor for the Baptist Union of Scotland based in Glasgow.

“We count it an enormous privilege to be called by God to St Andrews Baptist Church and very much look forward to travelling a journey of faith with the congregation.” said Andrew. He adds that he knows almost nothing about golf, has a better swing when it comes to fly fishing and is glad the walking terrain is a lot flatter than in the West.

Ministry Staff Team

From left  Chris Walker, Clay Rowe, Kathryn Agnew, Tiny de Jong, Paulus de Jong, Bevky Keating

Paulus and Tiny DeJong

Paulus and Tiny serve the church as our Youth and Childrens Workers.

They both grew up in the small fishing town of Urk, the Netherlands; a conservative settlement at the far north side of the Dutch Bible Belt. As is often the case in a small town like Urk, everyone tends to know each other. It was therefore not a big surprise that at some point Paulus and Tiny met while still living in their hometown. They married in the summer of 2013 and spent the first few years of their marriage living in Urk.


In September 2016, they moved to Scotland for Paulus’ postgraduate study in Biblical Studies at the university of St Andrews. In the summer of 2017 they were appointed as youth and children’s workers at the St Andrews Baptist Church.


Tiny loves to work with children. For many years she has been involved in the children’s ministry of her home church. She holds a Bachelor of Education and has been a primary school teacher for several years. As a children’s worker she is involved in both Beacon Kids and Mishmash. Besides this she is also involved in exploring new ways to reach out into the local community. Outside of her job Tiny loves to play basketball, read books and play the guitar. She also loves to play board games, but certainly does not like to lose! 


Paulus was employed as Youth Worker in the Pentecostal congregation in Urk for two years before moving to Scotland. He combined his work with an undergraduate study in Theology at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and an additional training in Baptist Ministry at the Dutch Baptist Seminary. Paulus work in the Baptist church is mainly focussed on youth ministry. Besides study and work, Paulus loves to play and watch football (AJAX!), although he reluctantly admits he is better at watching. He also loves music and you will regularly find him playing during Sunday worship. Like Tiny he enjoys board games, but he secretly does not like to lose either. However, for the sake of a healthy marriage he often lets Tiny win.