our Elders

Elders are appointed by the church to devote themselves to prayer, ministry of the word and pastoral care.

The work of the Elders is important to the life of the church. They focus on advancing the Gospel through discipleship and mission, encouraging every member to be a proclaimer of the great message of Christ's life, death and resurrection. If you want to find out more about the biblical basis for the role of Elder or find out about the qualifications for such a role, take a look at the following texts from the Bible: 1 Timothy 3:1-7 Titus 1:6-9

Here's a more detailed rundown of what Elders do in SABC:

  • Pray for the church fellowship and pastoral issues.
  • Teach and encourage Christian discipleship.
  • Oversee pastoral care for the fellowship.
  • Uphold church discipline lovingly as defined in the Scriptures.
  • Keep the Great Commandment and the Great Commission before the church.
  • Encourage Gospel mission locally and globally.
  • Oversee membership matters in the church
  • Plan preaching and prayer services.
  • Encourage those belonging to SABC to recognise, develop and use their spiritual gifts.  

In St Andrews Baptist, Elders serve for three years and must then be re-affirmed by the Church Meeting. Currently serving Elders are -

  • Fiona Barnard
  • Lindsay Glasgow
  • Paulus de Jong (co-opted)
  • Jane Harrison
  • Steve Holmes (Chair)
  • David Moffitt
  • Angus Ross